TSA PreCheck® Enroll Your Own Program

For large employers and business complexes with many frequent travelers and an ongoing need to submit applications for TSA Pre✓®

With the “Enroll Your Own” program, we train select employees to become authorized enrollment agents (EAs) and provide the secure fingerprinting workstation needed to collect all biographic and biometric data for submission to the TSA. Training and certification to become an EA takes about 3-5 days with each EA able to complete approximately 50 applications per day.  You will receive ongoing support, training and maintenance as needed.

Program details:

  • We provide training to your assigned “enrollment agent” and all equipment necessary for secure enrollments into TSA PreCheck program
  • There is a standard fee for training of 3-4 enrollment agents, one enrollment workstation, and initial setup, with annual maintenance fees thereafter
  • We work with you to develop and implement a communication plan to make your employees aware of the program and opportunity to enroll
  • We offer a secure web portal for pre-enrollment and scheduling of your applicants
  • Onsite signage is included for use in your offices, lobbies and other high-traffic areas to promote the program and direct employees to the enrollment location
  • Ongoing technical support as needed to insure success

Please include your name, location, business name, and contact information. For these events, there is a minimum requirement of 100 enrollments and 50 guaranteed enrollments per day. One of our dedicated sales representative will provide more details.