IdentoGO Center Corporate Accounts

Today, there are approximately 300 IdentoGO Centers authorized for TSA Pre✓. We also operate a growing number of TSA Pre✓ locations in airports on behalf of the TSA. You may choose to utilize these locations and direct your employees to Centers in your area, or near their homes, to apply.  In this case, we can setup a corporate account and provide a billing code that your employees use when applying in our Centers. This option can be also be used in combination with our onsite Mobile Program for managing ongoing applications throughout the year.

Program details:

  • We provide professional, convenient locations for your employees to come and apply for TSA Pre✓. This includes approximately 300 IdentoGO Center locations as well as TSA Pre✓ locations in many major airports.
  • Your employees must fill out the application and provide proof-of-identity documents as well as their fingerprints.
  • We work with you to develop and implement a communication plan to make your employees are of this program and great benefit to them.
  • TSA offers a secure web portal for pre-enrollment and scheduling.
  • Various onsite signage is available to provide visibility in your offices, lobbies, and other high traffic areas to promote the program.

Please include your name, location, business name, and contact information. For these events, there is a minimum requirement of 100 enrollments and 50 guaranteed enrollments per day. One of our dedicated sales representative will provide more details.